Creation of personalized video for Personalizard

Discover how to take advantage of Personalizard and enable your customers the best in class personalized experience with your own video

How to start to use Personalizard with your own video


Use your favorite video production or our partner agency. More info


We will onboard your video production to Motionlab, core platform for video personalization.


Your video production will create for you a video ready for personalization and will provide you a product key.


Insert your product key to Personalizard and start your personalization.

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Personalizard limitless

Use your preferred video production or our partner agency.

Do you have your own video production?

Great. Your video production will get access to core platform where all the magic with personalization happen. No limits, all are welcome.

Do you need video production?

We can help and recommend you specialized partner video productions. The highest quality is guaranteed.

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Become our partner production

Do you want to know how to produce truly personalized video?
It’s easy, discover with us the magic behind.

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What we offer

Business opportunities
Excellent support
Trainings and knowledge base

What you get

Tool for new business development
Competitive advantage for your business
Skills and tool for videopersonalization

Find out more about Motionlab, our award-winning platform that made the complex video personalization accessible and easy.

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Personalizard is sub application of our core platform Motionlab.

Makes complex video personalization accessible and easy

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